The California Counties Architects and Engineers Association (CCAEA) is a statewide organization of County Architects and Engineers. CCAEA was formed in November 1991 to share information, provide training and discuss common issues for the mutual benefit of its members and their counties.

Purpose: To promote a better understanding of the role and qualifications of the County Architect/Engineer staff and their value in the delivery of professional, cost effective facility planning, project design and construction services in the public sector.

Rene Cardinaux, Founder.
CCAEA arose from the County General Services Association. Back in 1988 or so, General Services Directors met in Palm Springs and asked staff members to join them for a series of presentations and round table discussion about facility design, capital projects and facility management. CCAEA’s first President remembers this about meeting with the Directors: “After meeting all of them I asked how many would be willing to let me contact all the architects and engineers in their departments so we could share our experience and expertise…I sent letters out and set a meeting for mid-1989. Everybody responded enthusiastically and we were on our way; first meetings were six months apart as there was so much to share. Sometime in 1991 we got organized and I was elected the first President of the group and stayed in that role for four years.”

Presentation of Founder’s Award–to CCAEA Founder.