The 2017 Public Project Awards of Excellence.

Congratulations to all the counties and project staff for producing some amazing examples of public works. It was challenging for the Jury to narrow the selection down to three, one for each category. Here are the winners of the County Projects of the Year.

Get ready for next year with your submissions…the Call for Entries will be sent toward the end of the calendar year. Remember, it’s FREE to enter; for details email CCAEA today.

Awards Program Criteria

Three criteria are used to evaluate projects submitted for consideration: (A)Project Benefits, (B) Project Design, and (C) Project Complexity. The Submission Categories are; Large County, Medium County and Small County projects. The Awards were given in three areas: Projects of the Year; Grand Award and People's Choice Award. The Jury has the option of voting to present their own award; known as the Jury Award, of which they did this year.

Previous Year Award Winners

With the 4th year of the awards program completed; we want to keep everyone informed about prior year recipients, read below for more detail on these exciting projects and the awardees.

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The 2017 Award Winners are…

    Large County Award

Alameda County-Hospital Acute Care Tower.

Ann Ludwig and Bernadette Delgado, Alameda County, with Benjamin Matray, President of CCAEA with presentation of the Large County-Project of the Year, Award of Excellance.

    Medium County Award

Santa Barbara County – San Pedro/Los Vegas Creek Capacity Improvement Project.

John Fry (Santa Barbara County) and Katherine Brown (CalTrans) with Benjamin Matray, President of CCAEA with presentation of the Medium County Project of the Year Excellence Award.

    Small County Award

Nevada County Brighton Green Center

Tom Coburn, Nevada County with Benjamin Matray, President of CCAEA with presentation of the Small County Project of the Year Excellence Award.

The Grand Award is granted by the Jury based upon their assessment of the three Projects of the Year and that by the consensus of the Jury exceeds the requirements and best demonstrates the spirit of the Awards Program.

Alameda County Hospital Acute Care Tower

Congratulations, Alameda County!

Ann Ludwig and Bernadette Delgado accept the Grand Award on behalf of Alameda County.

This award is for a recently completed new Acute Care Tower building, as phase two of a three phase $680 million hospital facility seismic improvement project. It is the construction of a 318,000 square-foot, 9-story acute care hospital tower (including a new central utility plant in its basement). The new Acute Care Tower houses a family birthing center, a neonatal intensive care unit, a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging inpatient and outpatient services center, a physical/occupational/speech therapy suite, a hematology/diagnostics laboratory, as well as private patient rooms with windows providing daylight and stunning views of Oakland, California.

This project utilized the design/build project delivery method and required complex phasing, demolition of existing buildings and infrastructure, with no on site staging space, all while the hospital remained completely operational. Given the age of the campus and the new Tower’s proximity to the existing emergency power generators and chiller/boiler buildings, extensive site investigation and coordination was required to develop relocation plans.
The Acute Care Tower replacement project is more than a large seismic upgrade construction program on a historically significant site. It is a commitment to the residents and businesses of the County to provide a modern state-of-the-art facility for high quality healthcare to its most underprivileged individuals. This project is the largest capital project ever undertaken by the County. The project was completed on schedule and on budget, while mentoring and growing local small construction and related businesses and keeping the resident community involved.

The Jury Award is granted by the Jury based upon their assessment of all submitted projects and that by the consensus of the Jury exceeds the requirements and best demonstrates the spirit of the Awards Program.

Jon Fry (Santa Barbara County) and Katherine Brown (CalTrans) accept Jury Award on behalf of Santa Barbara County.

The Las Vegas and San Pedro Creeks Capacity Improvement Project is a multi-jurisdictional project that included cooperation and coordination between the Flood Control District, Caltrans, UPRR, the City of Santa Barbara, the City of Goleta and several regulatory agencies. US Highway 101 is a critical thoroughfare through Santa Barbara and it suffered closure on numerous occasions due to flooding. Planning for the project began in 1998, and drainage improvements in the railroad, highway and local roadway corridors were required to improve the level of flood protection. The improvements included replacement of the UPRR bridges, replacement of highway culverts with bridges, and channel improvements which included a floodwall, transition structure and grading.

Congratulations, Nevada County! The “People” have spoken….

This project consisted of locating and leasing a 20,000 sf foot office building to house seven departments, and eighty-five staff (11% of county Staff) from other locations to establish the first Nevada County Resources Center. The Resource Center is a one stop shop for the Veterans Service Office (VSO). Children’s Behavioral Health (CBHl. Children’s Protective Services (CPS), Women Infants and Children (WIC), CaiWorks, Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), Social Services Eligibility, and Alliance for Workforce development. There are only a few building in our area with 20,000 sg ft of office space. Some of the County departments have very special needs like WIC and CBH and a remodel of existing space was not an option. This project required us to complete a needs assessment. find a building, negotiating a lease agreements. developing a fiscal plan that included the landlord doing the Tl’s, designing space for all the departments, approving the design and construction cost, project management the construction, and pack and move the departments into a Class A office space. The County also used on Bill Financing for the LED lighting.

All projects are acknowledged with a Certificate of Merit for their participation in the program. CCAEA appreciates the effort in creating each submission and the ongoing work of the public-sector capital project teams around the State.

* Ventura County for Horizon View Mental Health Rehabilitation Center
* Riverside County for University Health System Medical Center
* Fresno County County for County Clerk Staff Unit–Clerk Recorder-Assessor

* Santa Barbara County: Jalama Road Bridge Replacement

* Nevada County: Crisis Stabilization Unit