The 2016 Award Winners are…

Congratulations to all the counties and project staff for producing some amazing examples of public works. It was challenging for the Jury to narrow the selection down to three, one for each category. Here are the winners of the County Projects of the Year.

Get ready for next year with your submissions…the Call for Entries will be sent toward the end of the calendar year. Remember, it’s FREE to enter; for details email CCAEA today.

Awards Program Criteria

Six criteria are used to evaluate projects submitted for consideration: (A)Community/Employee Value Enhancement, (B) Cost Saving and Funding Methods, (C) Aesthetics, (D) Sustainability, (E) Innovation, and (F) Public/Private Partnerships. The Submission Categories are; Large County, Medium County and Small County projects. The Awards were given in three areas: Projects of the Year; Grand Award and People's Choice Award.

Previous Year Award Winners

With the 3rd year of the awards program underway, we want to keep everyone informed about prior year recipients, read below for more detail on these existing projects and the awardees.

For 2014 Winners…click here.

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The 2016 Award Winners are…

    Large County Award
San Diego Women's Detention Facility, Location: Santee, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

San Diego Women’s Detention Facility, Location: Santee, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

San Diego County Director of General Services with Rob Unholz, President of CCAEA with presentation of the Project of the Year Award.

    Medium County Award

Medium County Project: Yolo County-County Wide Solar Array Project.

2016-Awards-008Yolo County Project Team Leader Terry Vernon with Rob Unholz, President of CCAEA with presentation of the Project of the Year Award.

    Small County Award

Siskiyou County Transit Center



Siskiyou County Project Team with Rob Unholz, President of CCAEA with presentation of the Project of the Award.

The Grand Award is granted by the Jury based upon their assessment of the project among all submitted that exceeds the requirements and best demonstrates the spirit of the Awards Program.


Yolo County’s County-Wide Solar Array Project

Congratulations, Yolo County!


Terry Vernon accepts the Grand Honor Award on behalf of Yolo County.


This solar renewable energy project is a first of its kind in innovation (zero capital investment), revenue generation ($60 million over 35 years), and sustainability (elimination of County’s $1.4 million electric bill). In response to the economic recession and subsequent budget reductions, the County sought to significantly reduce ongoing general fund expenditures on electricity for County facilities. It also wanted to operate more sustainable and reduce its carbon foot print. Yolo County eliminated its electric bill by installing 7 Megawatts (MW) of solar renewable energy—and is now the first county government in the U.S. to be grid positive. The county produces enough clean energy to meet 152 percent of the county’s electricity needs and is expected to generate $60 million in revenue for the County over the next 35 years- providing critical funding to serve residents and expand educational programs.

Kern Exterior Image 1

Kern Exterior Image 2

Congratulations, Kern! The “People” have spoken….

The new Information Technology Services building incorporates modern design and technology together to provide a secure location to house the County of Kern’s computer processing and data equipment, while providing County IT staff with a better work environment. The prior work area, utilized by Information Technology Services, was located in the basement of an aged municipal court building, located in the Kern River Flood Plain, susceptible to flooding and other hazards.
The new building location takes these geographical concerns into consideration, preventing potential damage to the County data mainframe from flood waters and integrating the County’s communications campus, including the primary communications systems for Sheriff and Fire 911 call centers and the County Emergency Operations Center.


All projects are acknowledged with a Certificate of Merit for their participation in the program. CCAEA appreciates the effort in creating each submission and the ongoing work of the public-sector capital project teams around the State.


2016 Award & Merit Winners

* Kern County: Information Technology Center, Construction Services Division Project Manager
* San Diego County: Las Colinas Women’s’ Detention and Reentry Facility, Andrew Bohnert and Thomas Hoerstman Project Managers.

* Butte County: Hall of Records Building, Jennifer Wilson, Project Manager;
* Yolo County: County-Wide Solar Array Project, Terry Vernon, Project Manager.

* Siskiyou County: County Transit Center, Randy Akana, Project Manager
* Sutter County: Agricultural Commissioner’s Office Expansion, Guadalupe Rivera, P.E., Project Manager.